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No dearth of money........

Governments in India spend astronomical sums on our behalf. Did you know that every day they spend about Rs.1500 crores (Rs.15 billion) of public money! All this is money raised from us as taxes, or borrowed on our behalf pledging our children's future.!

Did you know much can be accomplished with this money, if only it were properly utilized?

  • We have over 60 million children between ages of 5 and 14 who do not go to school.We could build class rooms for all of them at Rs.12000 crores (120 billion) of one time expenditure - that is equal to only 8 days of government investment- one time! It costs another 4 days of expenditure every year to have the teachers! And yet 50% of our population is illiterate.
  • About 70% of our people have no toilet facilities and they are forced to ease themselves in public. It costs only Rs 2500 to build a safe , hygienic toilet. All it takes is Rs 35000cores (Rs 350 billions ) - or 24 days of one time government expenditure - to solve this problem forever by building toilets for every household! And yet, the bulk of the people suffer lack of hygiene , ill health , indignity and humiliation every day!

    Money is not in short supply, good governance is!

    More money is not the answer, better ways of utilizing it are!

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