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  • Officials of All India Services (IAS, IPS and Indian Forest Service) serve in the States, but are controlled by the Union government. This dual control should cease, and the services should be under States' control. Only then are authority and accountability combined.

Non- arbitrary placements

  • Officials are posted to, and transferred from, senior positions at will .The average tenure in key offices in many states is less than one year. There should be public scrutiny and transparent procedures for key appointments, with guaranteed tenure of 3 to 5 years, and sufficient autonomy of functioning.

Article 311

  • Article 311 of the Constitution, intended to give protection to senior public servants, has been applied for all employees of government and public sector. Its jurisdiction, limited originally to removal of an employee, has been applied to all service matters, thanks to liberal interpretation of courts. These anomalies meant that it is virtually impossible to punish any wrong doing in government.

    Article 311 should be applicable only for removals and dismissals.

    Courts jurisdiction on service matters should be prohibited.


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